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For residential window cleaning we prefer to use the water fed pole system.

Yes. Whenever we clean windows using our water fed pole we also clean the window sills and frames as well at no additional cost.

Yes, we can clean skylights in your roof but there is normally an additional cost. Please let us know how many skylights you have when you request a window cleaning quote.

Yes we clean windows in light to moderate rainfall, otherwise we would not be able to offer a regular window cleaning service. However, for obvious reasons we cannot work during stormy weather. The cleaning method we use involves using pure water free from contaminants and rainwater is also reasonably pure, so if it is raining when we clean your windows the rainwater does not effect the quality of the clean.

Because we use pure water for cleaning windows the windows can be left to dry naturally without leaving any water marks. Tap water and detergent can leave spots and streaks but the water we use is filtered and deionised to remove any contaminants, which is why the water is pure. It's perfect for cleaning windows using our water fed pole system which involves pumping pure water up through the pole and through the brush head which helps remove any dirt or grime adhering to your windows.

The quote we give you, based on the information you provide, is generally accurate almost every time. However, if the window cleaner attending on the day feels that the price should be lower or higher then they will contact you to discuss this before cleaning.

Before the day we are due to clean we will send you a text to remind you to leave the gate unlocked for the day we are coming to clean. If we can't gain access to the rear of your property then we will only clean the windows that we can gain access to. For example, if we can only clean the front window on your property and are unable to gain access to the windows at the rear, then we will only charge half of the full clean price.

Unfortunately we cannot give a specific time. We don't offer appointments or give set times or days for a price quoted for regular window cleaning. if you have a locked gate please just leave your gate unlocked for the day after you receive the automated text reminder.

Yes, our telescopic pole cleaning system means we can reach windows that are normally hard to clean. Because the window cleaner works from ground level with the type of cleaning system we use, it is also a much safer way to clean windows that are usually too difficult to reach using ladders. Conservatory roof glazing and skylights can also be cleaned this way.

If you have a conservatory or extension that is particularly large, beyond the reach of our longest poles, then only in this case it may prove difficult to clean some windows. However, this is quite rare for most cleaning jobs .

We do not require you to sign a contract. However, our minimum requirement is that you have two window cleans carried out as a sign of good faith. After that, if you are not happy with the service we provide than you can cancel at any time providing you give us at least 24 hours notice.

We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction, so if you are unhappy for any reason then please let us know your reason for cancellation.

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